Jealous ex- he dumped me for someone's else?

Backstory. My college boyfriend dumped me a month ago. I learned a little bit later that he left me for a girl in his hometown he told me not to worry about. They had been talking the entire summer. That hurt. A lot.

He had been ignoring me for a long time over the summer. While I was at home crying, he was flirting and going on dates with this girl. He rarely talked to me. And I feel guilty, but I started to like a friend of mine who was actually talking to me.

I talked to my ex the other day just to make sure there was no bad blood between us and that went well; I was feeling really good about the breakup.

Last night I was at a party and my ex showed up with his new girlfriend. It bothered me but I ignored it, talking to my guy friend who I like who was also there. At one point my friend and I were obviously flirting and he kissed me, and I kissed him back. And I didn't see it, because I wasn't paying attention to my ex, but my ex then furiously storms out of the party with his new girlfriend.

I don't like my ex anymore. He hurt me too much. But I wonder why was he so jealous. He left me. He brought her to that party without considering my feelings. So what? Does he still have some feelings for me? Or is he just an ass. And I do not want him back at all, just wanted a guy's opinion.


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  • He still has feelings for you. His ego thinks that you will alway be there though


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