So... What exactly is she thinking?

So we broke up after 3 months. I started the process but she like kinda took control over it and said she thinks I have more feelings for than she has for me. Said it moved too fast and we crossed into the friend zone. So I later asked for my things back and she said so that's it huh? Just like that? Then later asked if we could still be friends and hang out. I don't contact her and she sends me pointless little small talk texts which I politely respond to. Yesterday after no contact for almost exactly 24 hrs she sends me a picture of a puppy we picked out together looking all sad and no words with it. When I asked why she said she thought I would laugh. Not sure if she wants to hear me grovel. Doesn't really have any interest or wants me back so she can be in control and dump me again later. I'm trying to just move on and she just won't close the door all the way. What gives?


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  • It hasn't been long and she asked to continue being friends. She's trying to establish that


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