Why would an ex want to connect on social media after so long?

I ran into my ex at a friends party. Have been broken up 4 years, together over 6 years. He was the one that left because he didn't want to spend his life only being with one person - I naturaĺly cut all contact. He hurt me bad but he was my first love and I can't get him out of my head.

Anyway, at this party I avoided him like the plague but at one point I turn around and he's standing right behind me so I awkwardly said hey and he asked how I was. Somehow he has taken this as some kind of sign of friendship and he added me on facebook. I accepted after following a mutual friends advice but now he is always on my mind. I can't help but wonder why he did that?


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  • Maybe he wants to talk

    • I thought this may have been the case but he hasn't really reached out. A friend suggested perhaps he is waiting for me to respond but I feel like the ball is in his court since he is the one trying to open some sort of line of communication.

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