Girls, Girl avoids looking at me?

Ok so like 1 year ago a girl at my store was always making glances and smiling , we would always talk and she would always stare etc and make random conversation about her plans etc for the night which Was random. So I once I asked a friend who also works there who she was n she didn't know c she was new. I said I would find out n when I went in they kept smiling so I left it so for weeks I spoke again n she would still make random convo and then I avoided her checkout cz she was always busy then she would always stare at me , look around to see we're I am , always glaring like she's figuring me out and then i didn't see her for months but now she has a boyfriend and she avoids looking at me if I can clearly see her looking which is annoying cz I never made moves , and even if she was looking and I did finally make a move she would just say I'm taken. I'm confused by it all? I don't even go near her so why she acting weird


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  • Maybe they are shy


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