What is actually happening?

So back in march me and my ex of 6 years broke up because he didn't wanna man up to his responsibilities and eventually packed my bags and left him. And now all his friends are adding me and lowkey trying to flirt with me , and I know my ex don't know they are doing this because if he knew he would probably call me talking shit but in reality it's not my fault now his friends now want me and they all say my ex is an idiot for leaving me. I don't know if I should continue to just be kool with them? Or stop talking to them? I know it's probably a bad idea but honestly I'm my opinion IDC cus I wanted my ex to find out how good I'm doing without him. But what do you guys think?


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  • Sounds like the plot for a fun summer movies.

    • Explain please 🤔

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    • Good times...

    • Ohh that's evil 😈.
      Do it

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  • just do what ur comfortable with. don't give a damn about ur ex. if you wanna flirt with his mates, go ahead. just don't do it to get back at him or to "show him you've moved on". the very thought itself is proof that you haven't. I'm sorry if you don't like what I'm saying but that's just how I feel..
    good luck


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  • you don't need to

  • I think... let's stick together

    • Stick together how? Lol explain please

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    • Who? Lmfao

    • the two of us

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