I am heartbroken yet I feel I did the right thing?

I started dating this man who turned out to be my soulmate in so many ways. But due to the fact he has a 3 year old and a 7 month old with his ex girlfriend who has been begging him to come back. I eventually let him go. I love him and vice versa. But his baby's mother will not let him go and she hates me.

I am heartbroken because he was what I wanted yet I know his place is at home since I know he cares for his ex still. After being together for 7 years.

Did I do the right thing? We ended on friendly terms.


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  • Yes. You saw everything in him but in reality there are plenty of more guys in this world who would be happy to take his spot. Just leave that chapter and go on to the next one. I know it might hurt but it's best for you. You don't need drama in your life like that. You deserve to be wanted by the guy you're with and not second guesses on whether they want to be with you. I trust you'll do the right thing.

  • Just think of one thing

    Him going back to her with make them happy... All 3 of them

    Or will it may all 4 of you sad eventually

  • Honestly that depends on how you see forward to being friends or in a relationship... What I think is if he feels concerned and affectionate about his ex then he doesn't deserve u..


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