He asked to get back together, then let us fail only days later?

Me and my now ex boyfriend had a seemingly really happy relationship, we were always happy around each other, the chemistry was there, we were both extremely affectionate. It was a fast paced relationship, he told his friends and family about me instantly and because of that I did the same after a while. We planned futures together, he said he was falling for me, he showed it too, we were happy. Until he broke up with me over something so tiny and it came from nowhere, he was just insecure over me, I was devastated but I tried to be mature and not say anything. So I didn't text or call him and within a week he came back saying he's sorry. He continued to stalk my social media, message me out of the blue etc for another two weeks.

This was four days ago, responded after a nice talk asking if we are going to sort things out now because he said he misses me, he doesn't want to be without me, he loves me, and he wants to be with me. He was surprised I still liked him and said he wants to be with me, I agreed. We said we would take things slowly. Then the next day he barely spoke to me, only a couple of texts, same with the day after that to which I got annoyed at him over trying to rush us again, I told him he hasn't tried enough and he claimed he was just busy working. I let it slide but I had no messages this weekend, no offer to meet up, nothing. He just wasn't trying and wasn't interested in talking to me. Everything was under his terms so I just text him saying this isn't working, it's over, and explained. I got ignored again, he just doesn't care.

i don't understand how things can end up this way when we were so happy? And then to fight to have me back to let us fail only days later


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  • move on don't let him play with u


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