Why do you always want them when they are gone? I was pretty much over my boyfriend. Or so I thought?

I was so tired of him taking me for granted. We were together for 4 years. The last year I was over it really. We broke up about a year ago. But I still find myself missing him and thinking how cute he is and hoping for reconciliation. Which is stupid because I was so done at the end. Any thoughts? It's just bothers me so much after all this time I'm still not over it but I'm the one who initiated the break up


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  • In a case like that, you made an emotional investment to get his attention and love. When he began taking you for granted, you had to work extra hard to get the same attention.

    The more you do that the more you become dependant on his approval or whatever.

    After you broke up, you still likely have a void to fill and since you put so much info him, you are still draw to but for all the wrong reasons

    • That's really good input and I appreciate it. And I think when I broke up with him I was hoping he would see the light and try and get back together... nope. So I guess that means he didn't really love me after all.

    • He may have thought he did but doesn't understand the concept of selfless love and the importance of placing your partner's feelings above your own.

      Find that and you have found happiness.

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