My ex is being so confusing, what's going on?

My ex and I broke up not too long ago and until recently we hadn't talked in a few weeks. Something (not something serious) came up that I had to contact her about to try and meet up with her to get something back. After a few days of not talking again we talked. She started making remarks that I found suggestive and was making little jokes/comments about her and I. At one point she said "I miss hanging out with you"
Asked if I wanted to go do something with her next week. And we've been talking since and she's made more comments about her and I doing things like watching movies.

I mean I know it could simply just mean she misses being friends but the comments/jokes she made about our relationship kinda threw me off.
What does anyone else think?
I'm not thinking she wants to get back together or anything like that rn. I'm just really confused.
My ex is being so confusing, what's going on?
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