What does it mean when?

What does it mean when two of your ex partners come back after the breakup they initiated. I was involved with two guys my first lasted three years until I found out he was cheating because he always wanted to have arguments. I ended that & a couple months later he sent a text saying hope all is well then another on New Year's Eve. I never responded to any of the messages. I recently seen him out & he tried to start an argument with me pretty much saying I can speak to him when I see him & how he still cares for me & didn't mean for none of that stuff to happened. I would say all of this happened within the last month. Now today the last guy I was with reached out asking how I was and he regret how things ended and acknowledged it was his fault and asking me how can he fix things. It just seems all weird to me, I'm a great person and really take relationship serious but I can't seem to realize why do these guys mess up then realize later down the line when it's to late


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  • You know, I don't see it quite the way you do. I feel that when guys hit up exes (and they always do), it's to try to see if they still have some pull with you and might be able to start something up again like a hookup or friends with benefits thing. It's rarely because they realize that they messed up a good thing and wish that they could have an actual relationship with that person again so I would always be wary of this behavior that you're seeing.

  • They aren't trying to rekindle the relationship, they are trying to make you feel bad for them into finding a sexual arrangements for the time being
    Cut both of them off
    Thats the best thing to do for you


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