After two heart breaks I feel numb?

After my 2nd heartbreak. I was devastated but after two years I fell in love or so I thought with someone who was in many ways my soulmate. But he ended up leaving me. Yes, I was torn for a couple of days.

But now I just feel normal again as in numb. The pain is not there and I'm just like okay another heartbreak.

Have I become so used to it that my pain just doesn't last as long or perhaps I didn't love him like I thought?


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What Guys Said 2

  • It sucks being acclimated to the expectation of being left. That's at least one possible reason for your numbness.

    • Pretty accurate. Thank you

  • if the pain doesn't last it's a good sign: you're feelings are being trained well :)

    • That's what I told him. Because he was surprised I moved on quickly. But back than I had no control over my feelings. It was bad and now it seems their adjusting lol thanks

    • Congrats you achieved something that many people here didn't 😁

What Girls Said 1

  • You've probably accepted that hey, it's a learning curve. It didn't work. Thanks for the lesson. People don't get it... Heartache isn't necessary to move forward. Or to verify "true feelings". It's called growing up and focusing on what's important. Nice.

    • Very true. I've dealt with more heartbreak than and over the years it just doesn't last as long as it used to. That's why my friends call me the queen lol

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    • Lol you should message me, I'm bored af.

    • On this post because lazy

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