Help me all the girls&give me suggestions?

Im 23... before 1mnth back i went to jail because of smoking weed my girl friend knows about that and she left me... I need a help to take revenge of her any girls help me i don't know how to take revenge of girls but i love a lot


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  • BE concentrate yourself presenntly and focus future, if she is yours someday in right time both of you can meet, look ! she was focus herself right now, well how about you?

    • After i came out frm jail my parents was sending me clg and im begging to send clg but can't trusting me

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    • Sometime a lion need to fight alone, he no care where a female is, when a time he want her coming, whatever condition he ready that gonna fight to get her... with his strangten , look in you now , weak or any? no one and nothing can permanant you forever. Its time learn to fight alone.

    • Kk illl stand alone frm now and ill prove what iam after i settled ill love more sexy than her then iwill send pics with sex of new girl friend... Ill wait fr that time

  • Can't really take revenge on her. Don't know what your gonna do.

    • Thia thats y im asking for revenge what shud i do

    • Get with another girl and try and get over her. Make yourself look happy. If she likes you, she will get jealous, that's your revenge. If she's not into you, you can't get revenge on her.

    • But if the new girl will knw about jail again she will leave me den ill suicide

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  • Just move on.
    Revenge only make you out as petty. And as far as others asking what happened, just say you F'ed up and she wasn't going to wait.
    Get your stuff back (peacefully)
    and let the subject go.


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