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I was on holiday with my boyfriend of two years last week. We ended up having a silly argument and he walked out on me. He ended up flying home and moved out of our house. I flew home alone and came back to find he had taken his essentials and gone. He acted so quickly and harshly. We haven't spoken to each other in a week. I felt we both needed time and space to process what happened so I haven't attempted to contact him.

We share bills for our home and I really don't know if he's going to leave me high and dry with the expenses (rent is due at the end of this wk). I'm conscious not to add fuel to the fire so he doesn't pay things out of spite.

Strange thing... he hasn't changed his Facebook relationship status nor his profile and cover photo of us together. Someone also attempted to sign in to my FB account the other night.

His actions are loud and clear but I'm not sure if he's uncertain about everything and is going to try and come back to me?

I keep getting told not to do anything, just to wait and see what happens. I'm keen to hear your thought as I'm super confused!!

TIA xx


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  • I don't think you should just wait and see what happens. Reach out to him. Get to the bottom line!

    • Thanks iichuckii. You're right. It will just keep dragging on if I don't. Thanks so much for replying 😊

    • No problem x

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