We are moving too fast, he said?

We dated for three weeks until he started to get jealous and wanted go cut the contact off because he felt that we went to fast and he could not go on without having feelings. Now he wants to meet again to explain his reasons and wants me to understand him for acting like that. He said he wants to apologize and is sorry for hurting me. His best friend told me he never experienced that he was caring that much about a girl and that he was affected by realizing that things moved too fast for him.
Why is he suddenly that emotional and wants to break off contact? Should I accept meeting him again to listen to his reason or is he just going to excuse himself for having a clean conscience?


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  • For moving too fast you only stated that you dated for 3 weeks. Now I have to assume you slept together and this is what you mean by moving too fast.
    So he caught feelings and probably fell for you, hard. All assumptions. But would it hurt to meet him and ''listen''?
    Just see what he has to say and then step back and think.

    I dont even know how you feel about him.

    • Yes, we did. We first kissed on our third date, he excused afterwards saying he is sorry if he went too fast for me. Before we slept together he told me that he couldnt do such a thing without having feelings.
      Two days later he talked to his best friend, saying that he is ashamed of everything going too fast and he could not keep on going like that..
      I am not in love with him but I know I could fall for him if we had more time together. I first want to get my feelings and thoughts clear before listening to him actually.
      I just really dont understand how he on the one hand cares for me, talks to his friends and family about me and makes plans with me when on the other hand he wants to quit everything because its going too fast

    • yea thats true, something about this doesn't add up.
      Best thing to do, like you said, get your feelings and thoughts clear then move forward with this and listen to him. Maybe then he will explain things.

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  • hear him out, but be cautious. moody / unstable guys are generally a shitshow. he'll run rings around your heart.


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  • You should listen to him and then decide what to do.

  • He's right. What an intense guy.


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