Going to uni and my boyfriend wants to break up with me, what do I do?

Me and my boyfriend have been together for a year and we've had a bit of a rocky ride. We had been off and on for the start of our relationship until I put my foot down and we broke off for a month. He begged me every day during that month and a bit over until I agreed to meet him and he poured his heart out to me saying he's realised how much I mean to him and he hasn't stopped thinking about me. So we got back together and our relationship had been amazing ever since. Until recently when i found out i got into university and decided to go. He gets very jealous and insecure when I even go out without him and he said he doesn't think we will work at uni. He said also that he's in a really bad place mentally and struggles to even get up in the morning and doesn't feel like he gets along with any of his friends, he broke down to me saying all this crying. He said he still wants to see me before I go to uni and talk and stuff. I'm going away to uni next week and really don't want to give up on us, I will only be an hour train ride away and he can stay for weekends and I'll stay aswell back home, as he has an apprenticeship at home. I don't know what to do, should I give him space or try and get him to stay with me? I've told him i want to support him and help him but he keeps saying I'll be better off without him and be happier without someone like him and he ends up upsetting everyone. What do I do? I really do love him and don't want to give up on us and said that if we try at uni and it doesn't work out then fair enough but it's the fact he's not even willing to try. He's also unfollowed my social media as he can't bare to see me post photos of things of myself. Help!!


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  • Go to university.
    Your boyfriend can be replaced by literally billions of other guys.
    A university experience cannot be replaced and will transform you forever for the better.

    • I am definitely going to uni no matter what it's just having him stay with me while I'm at uni which is the issue

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  • People will be on here telling you you or him will cheat on each other anyway, but don't listen to them. Love can be strong. Lots of college and high school sweethearts could last. Long distance could last. Also, he sounds insecure. Try telling him you really love him and want things to work out. Convince him or persuade him that things could work out.

    • Thank you, someone who actually talks sense! Yeah he is really insecure but I just don't know what to do to get him not to be, I'm so faithful to him and have been the whole time so I don't know know why he is. He also broke down to me crying about it so i know he loves me and that's not the issue but I just don't know how to go about it all!!

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  • You should break up. You'll be riding all kinds of new cock for the next four years, so if you don't break up you'll be cheating on him the entire time. If you somehow manage to keep your legs closed, you'll resent him because you'll blame him for being the reason you didn't ride all that strange cock. And when you graduate, you'll break up with him anyway because he doesn't have enough status for you, since you'll have a degree and he 'only' did an apprenticeship and became a tradesman. Even if he makes good money, it won't matter because he doesn't have the status of a piece of paper.

    So save both of you a lot of time and pain, and end things right now.

    • My sister only had 1 boyfriend throughout college and got married sophomore year. She's been married for almost 3 years. Your "statement" is invalid.

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    • Taking a guess that you're single and don't get women attention so are saying all this to comfort yourself on that fact, yes that may be true for some people but not everyone and I don't know why you're saying that just for women like a vagina makes values and norms for someone completely different, it's hilarious

    • I'm single, and I choose to be. I get flirted with, and I fuck women, but I no longer have any interest in relationshits. There's no point. I know too much about women, and fuck enough women with boyfriends, fiancรฉe's, or husbands, that I see through the bullshit that is relationshits.

  • Move on


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