I don't know what to do, Yes or no please?

I've been dating this navy guys for a year now , and we had suchcha hard time but we managed to get over those and to be together, but when things got easy and when he had the freedom , two weeks back he cheated on me 😭 after all the hard times of not being able to talk nor see each other for months he cheated on me and now apparently he regrets it a lot ! I've been ignoring him ever since I got to know , didn't give him an explanation why because I knew he'll find out some how ! And he did as expected... now he keeps apologizing by calling and texting me... I'm done with him , I don't wanna go back to someone who never saw the effort I put in him 😭 but I thought of dropping him a text saying I'm done ! And for I'm to move on... but my family is like he doesn't need an explanation nor a text from you saying you're done... he'll get the hint after sometime 🙈 what do you'll think I should do? Ignore or tell him I'm done?


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  • Send him the text
    If he messages you again send the same message
    Keep doing it with out saying anything else or engaging in conversation
    He will soon get bored

    • I want to send a good short texts that would get him ! What should I send him?

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    • Yeah , hopefully ! Thank you so much

    • 👍👍👍👍

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  • I would at least want to know his side of the story, but it's really up to you. You could ask for a break see how that goes, if he is truly sorry he will work on himself. But other wise he isn't worth the trouble.

    • He admit everything he did , and he was like he did it without thinking ! And he's sorry ! But he met her more than 5 times for two weeks... so he obviously knew about what he was doing and he did lie to be about his whereabouts back then

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    • I think you got what you wanted across, he made the mistake so he has to endure the consequences.

    • Thank you so much

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  • Text him to say you're done and give him closure. You did right leaving him.

    • I don't really think he deserves closure for what he did... but since I need to move on I thought of sending this

      After all I've done for you, You turned out to be the exact person that everyone told me you'd be, and the exact person you told me that you'll never be !
      I'll never be able to look at you the way I used to ! But thank you for the little moments where you made me smile !
      I'm done !
      Take care of yourself!

    • Sounds good. But too many exclamation points

  • Do whatever you think will calm you, I'd send him "I'm done, tc"... Good luck


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