Guys only please...would you tell?

Guys only please...would you tell your girlfriend while on a break that you dating or seeing someone else? what does it mean if a guy does tell their girlfriend if they are OR not?

reasons please! thanks


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  • No I wouldn't


    A break is a break where you have normally agreed to almost stop/pause your relationship for a indefinite amount of time, so anything done with inside this time wouldn't require the girl to be told because your relationship isn't currently active(YOU'VE ALMOST TURNED IT OFF) its on hold etc. But this is why the term break in a relationship is just asking for trouble.

    And it means exactly what you signed up for A BREAK away from each other and each others lives... The term break is retarded in a relationship anyway your either together or your not, you can't pause love and you can't pause your relationship your fooling yourself and just complicating your situation if you ever have a break or agree to one

    • Taking a break is just a nice way of saying break up. The relationship is over at that point. I think that either her boyfriend is being mean or trying to make her jealous. But I do agree that phrase "taking a break" in a relationship is retarded.

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    • Iviav, I think you are retarded because this question is fo guy only. Can you read?

      I am just going to block you!

    • She is right though

  • If I had plans of getting back with my girl, even though we were on a break, I wouldn't tell her because she might be p*ssed even thought we are on a break. Plus I don't think I'd want to know if my girl was out dating someone else either.


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