Am I to old and ugly to date a younger woman?

how do i talk 2 her. do i spoil her like i want. I've recently gotten divorced in indiana and appreciate any advise 2 help find a woman. lol


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  • It depend on your personality and feeling young. If you complain about age all the time and act old it is difficult find.

    • no I hardly acting old all my sons friends would rather hang out with me and then him you know at 2223 years of age. I've tried online but there's too many fake profiles and they just want your Gmail or they want you to send them money and who knows if you're even talking to a woman. you know I don't drink so you can't meet a woman in a bar not that I would want one from there laugh out loud I did start talking to a woman from this site and she seems pretty cool but it's hard out there

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