What does it Mean if you can't Get Over a Girl?

I don't ever think I will be 100% over a girl, I think I am over her as I will get...

I was never more emotionally, physically and mentally attracted to someone in my life and she broke my heart.

She was perfect in my eyes...

But I guess she is not into me, or at least wouldn't date me and has a boyfriend.

It's been two years, and I am a lot better than I was... but it still stings me from time to time...

Will I ever fully recover? What does it mean if I can't get over her? Why does it still hurt?


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  • Once you give someone a piece of you you never fully get over it you can move on but I mean memories are always going to stay especially if you had a connection

    • And I believe we had a connection it makes me upset to try to think about when she would look at me with love ad I don't know what go tell her to let her know how I feel

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  • Ik what that is like I'm going trough that rn in my eyes my girl is perfect but she broke my heart she isn't with anyone witch leaves me hope to try to be with her once more but if it's been a while man, then it's about time to get back into the game of trying to find that one special someone

    • I'm sorry...

      I don't know if it's the best advice... But ask her out, tell her how you feel, put it all on the line... If she still doesn't want you move on... You deserve better.

    • Thanks best advice I've been told

    • You're welcome...

      It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks or says:

      Let her know how you feel, and then directly ask her out.

      That's the only way...

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