My ex broke up with me 2 months ago we still talk very little she said she would see me what do I do?

So I've been trying to get my ex back bc I love her and her daughter and she try's to rub it in my face that she goes out and stays out all night.

we broke up bc I lied to her about smoking
weed. I know it was dumb to lie to someone I truly love with all my heart.

She he has been in contact with my family still while I was in jail a short time. She wanted to see me today bc I asked to see her in person. Then she backed out. Later she text and said when you see me and my phone goes off it's bc I have 17 guys after me. What do I do? Is she just trying to make me jealous or just hurt me bc I hurt her.
When I was in jail she wrote me once and I wrote her she also had her daughter wrote me saying she loves me and can't wait to see me. Honestly I'm sorry for what I did. But is she messing with my head or is she just hurting me before she is all the way done. I just want her back in my life.
Do you think she is playing hard to get please help me on what to do


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  • she wants to start again

    • What do you mean start again? She wants to start our relationship over?

    • What does that mean please help

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