My ex is blowing my friends off ...why?!

my ex was friends with my friends... but my friends also used his business as paying customers... now my ex, we dated for 2 years, broken up for a month ... is blowing all my guy and girl friends off.. they have been calling for business purposes... I just don't get why act like that ... its really annoying because now everyone is really mad that he's acting like this... do I say something to him ? help!

he ended the relationship with "i love you I'm in love but I'm not happy right now and I need to not be in a relationship right now"


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  • Who ended the relationship and why? I think that may be the biggest clue about his actions.

    Without knowing that I can only guess that he is either angry about the breakup or sad and trying to move on (seeing your friends would only remind him of you).

    • He did

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    • It seems pointless to start anything over this. I wouldn't say anything to him but at the same time I wouldn't be proactively telling my friends/family to delete him from facebook.

    • Yea I know but its just weird because his friends are still talking and seeing my friends its just him ... like if you don't want to be near my friends then take them off facebook and bbm

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  • Just leave it alone, if he's distancing himself from your friends too, it's not your problem, let the man be, he is obviously ignoring them for a reason. As far as facebook goes, it's just a website, you can leave a million messages on there, he'll still ignore them till or if he is ready to speak to you and or your friends again.

    • True I just feel its petty to take it out on my friends.... ya know.... his friends message me still and I answer ,,, but that's me I'm not taking out things between me and him on them ... I just don't get why a guy would do that honestly .... he deff seems like someone else now

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