Bitter break up stories.......c'mon, stick it to the bastard/bitch that broke your heart!!

give us a description of what happened...his/her first name... and then end it all with a big FCUK YOU! to close the response

I'm not talking about one of those 'growing apart' dilemmas...or a 'its not me its you' hash story...I'm talking about the most ugly, bitter, messy, vile break-up you've ever had


Here's my story...

was going out with a girl, for just over a year...i thought things were sweet...

anyways...we had a party one night...she asked me if I was going...i told her that I was getting off work late so id meet her there.

So... after I finished work, went home, changed, shower blah blah blah...i went to the party but couldn't find her...was a big party, so I wasn't worried, id see her soon enough

then, a good friend of mine comes and tells me he's found my girlfriend...but he thought he saw her with another dude in a room upstairs...confused, but not worried, I went up to see how she was...turns out she and the local drug dealer had finished rounding 3rd base and were going for the home run...trying to contain myself, I asked her if I could speak to her outside in the car park

Intoxicated (which only made her more interesting to deal with) she starts shouting things like "you don't own what are you going to do about it" and "i never loved you just go" loud in fact, that we ended up having an audience from peoples balconies overlooking the area.

Fed up, ashamed and more embarassed than I have been my entire life...i got back into my car, and drove off...only to have a stiletto thrown through rear side window...charming girl she was

Its been about 8 months since it all ended...haven't spoken to her since...i went off to uni to study architecture and philosophy, met and started dating a beautiful lady while, from what I hear, she's living with her new drug dealer boyfriend, watching cartoons and using her welfare payments to buy weed and frozen food...good luck to her I suppose...but I have to say



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  • My Horror Story...

    I was married for 4 years. We had a daughter, and after she was born...we got post-partem depression. It was horrible. The things she would say...the things she would do to me including getting physically violent. She was presribed anti-depressants, but would drink with them...which made things 10 times worse.

    One day/night she got drunk...on top of her pills. Began to attack me and throw things at me. She said she was going to falsly accuse me of molesting my 1 year old daughter and that I would never see her again. Then she said she would tell people that my sons (15 & 12 from a previous marriage), also molested our daughter too. She kept hitting me...throwing things at me. I told her I would call 911 if she didn't stop and she continued. I called 911. When the sheriff's deputies showed up she attacked them and was beaten down right in front of me. They took her to jail. She pleaded guilty to battery, spousal abuse and assaulting a peace officer.

    I filed for a restraining order...and left. It was the most painful time of my life. It still haunts me.

    If your wife/mother of your child suffers from post-partem depression...get her help. Get you help.

    How's that for a bitter break up story?

    • Wow that's not even a break up story, that's just a flat out rough experience. Like it's beyond break up. I can't even imagine how hard that must be on top of a previous marriage. Especially having to do that to someone you care about so much knowing it's the only option. Sorry dude :/

    • It's still tough, because we have a daughter together. She doesn't remember any of she tells people that she caught me cheating on her and then I set her up and had her arrested. I've had OUR friends treat me like sh*t....having heard her story. Then when I show them the police report....the psychologists report (saying that she's not right and should only have supervised visits with her daughter)....then they realize that she lied to them too. It really messed up our lives.

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  • My ex and I had met at a mutual friend's party. He pursued me hard, and I told him I'd been hesitant on dating since I was still dealing with some recent emotional stuff and felt I just wasn't in the mindset (I also wasn't too interested in the beginning, either). But he was a really sweet/nice guy and persistent, so I was okay with just hanging out at first and giving him a chance. Then it turned into dating, then a relationship. He was amazing, and then toward the end, he started playing MW2 and our relationship started to suffer. He also started getting weird, distant, and all those other red flags you see. I was about ready to confront him about his douchey behavior and possibly break up over it when he broke it off first, claiming he thought we'd just been friends all along, that he had too much coming up with work and wouldn't have time, etc.

    I never felt right about his reasons (aside from the work excuse, it felt like he was digging for other reasons), and he claimed he was okay with being just friends and still hanging out. We hung out a few times after we broke up, but after that, he never got back in touch when he said he would, started ignoring texts, etc. Oh, AND he did this the week before Christmas and shortly after my grandmother had died. The timing was amazing.

    After giving mister nice guy a chance, he blew it, and then proceeded to treat me like crap after saying he was fine with being friends/wanted to hang out. If it's a line, fine. I was just p*ssed that he lied to me and did what he did. I know he knows he's been a douche.

    He can shove it. :)

  • long story short I liked a guy who had a mean girlfriend, I wanted him so bad I let my wants get the best of me, I lost my integrity and morals and befriended him lying to myself that my feelings wouldn't grow, my feelings grew, he lead me on for 5 months flirting texting etc (nothing physical) all of a sudden he completely cut me out of his life, his girlfriend told him to never speak to me again and so he listened etc, i also later found out that he called me ugly and was tapking about me and manipulated me, turns out he just flirted with me to see how far he could get because she knew I liked him. It was all a lie.
    and now I feel this..
    I feel horrible that I intentionally tried to wreck someone's relationship because I would never want anyone to so that to me, I feel horrible that I can't have him, I feel horrible that I still want him, I feel horrible that we aren't even friends anymore and I feel horrible because everything that happened is all my fault, I placed myself in the situation. And now?
    Now I can't sleep, I try to eat but I dont have an appetite and I can't taste food at all now, food just feels like matter in my mouth and there is an unsettling feeling in my stomach all the time, when I speak my voice shakes, my heart skips, I'm cold on the inside but hot to touch, and I feel like everything in me has just been drained. It feels like someone threw a Tv and hit me in the head and im just waking up from a coma and everything seems like a faded memory. Like I just want to lay down like a dog and surrender to life... What are these feelings that I'm feeling? I don't know what to call this, can it really be heart break if I wasn't in love? It was less than love more than a crush. Fuck you Fredrick!!😈😑😬😣😵

  • I met my THEN boyfriend through a mutual friend and things quickly took off . Maybe a little to quick because before I knew it RED FLAGS , were popping up everywhere , but my mind was far gone. Don't get me wrong he was AWESOME in a sense or at least the representative he sent in his place was. The DRAMA all started when he "checked" into the IMAGINARY hospital for 4 days , but somehow I was the LAST to know. Things proceeded to get WORSE when I found out he still had some unfinished" business with his EX. Or MAYBE it all came crumbling down around me when he told me each time we had sex he was JAMMED. What REALLY took the cake however is how it all ENDED. After begging me for weeks to take him back ( which honestly I FOUGHT myself on) and getting me to AGREE to take him back once he sought COUNSELING . . . HE DUMPED me. He NEVER went to counseling he found someone else that was willing to TOLERATE everything I wouldn't. His words HAUNTED me for days "she's in , your out, move on, GET OVER IT". I was in SHOCK for days especially when he had the NERVE to ask me if we could still be friends , but time HEALED all wounds. He tried calling me recently , but I DIDN'T answer. It's always FUNNY how the grass seems greener , but that's HARDLY ever the case.

    Hmmm SHOULD I ? Why NOT !

    F*&^ YOU SHANE

  • Dated a guy named Taylor , I was his first girlfriend and he was my first true love. Everything was going fine, we barely fought, untill one day I realized he loved his drugs more then me. I thought maybe I could stick around, but he left me for an under age druggy whore. who may I add harrassed my parents calling them "child rapists", then claimed im psycho nuts. Then tell my ex and scream at me that our child was my fathers baby. here's the cherry of it all, months past and my ex still talked bad about me saying I look like a man. Fuck you tay I will always love you. But I hate your fucking guts

  • All he wanted was sex. All I wanted was a boyfriend. He got what he wanted, and it wasn't much of a relationship. He never called but depended exclusively on texts, his friend told me that "he gets a lot of girls", and he loved letting underclassmen sorority girls walk all over him while he followed them around with his tongue hanging out. Needless to say, it didn't last long. And even if I'm single for the rest of my life, I'm better off without him.


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  • i personally don't have any experiences like this so far (thank god, knock on wood) but I have this theory and was wondering what other people thought of it. Do you think that every person has a sh*tty relationship where they're cheated on or something along the lines of any of these stories? or is that just an untrue thought?

  • WOW samething to me! BUT A LITTLE DIFFERENT!

    So was with her for 2 years, we grew up with each other, our families were close I knew her since I was 2 years old and it was a big thing when we started dating.

    Anyways started catching her going out behind my back. I confronted her on it. Denied at first then said she needed space to think. Gave her it, Stayed strong for 1 week. Then she was calling me crying all the time, so I gave in and was soft with her, then found out she was with another guy. I found out cause lol (this is a little stalker but I don't care cause she was mine at the time) she doesn't drive so I would catch her coming home with taxis at 5 in the morning. Paid the taxi guy 50$ to tell me were he picked her up from. He spilled the beans. Next day went to buddies house, and saw her fu**ing him. Heart into a million pieces, jaw dropped, rage went through me. But I didn't do anything. Now she lives with him, and also does drugs.

    F*** YOU TASHA

    • Wow! similar thing here but a little different talk about being stabbed in the back!! that's the hugest slap in the face I've ever gotten

    • Damn sorry to hear that?

  • I'm an attractive but chubby guy and freshman year of college, met this wonderful girl in one of my classes. She had a great personality, and really didn't understand how physically attractive she was and could be with a little effort. So I asked her to date, and we began to develop a love for one another. I took her virginity, and we dated all through college. Over that time she got hot, got friends (because of me) and basically became someone different. She became very self-involved, flaunted her good looks all over the place and basically left me because she doesn't like chubby guys and wanted someone more attractive. All this after a 4 year relationship. first everythings, a best friendship and a great love.. For looks? Reality is going to hit her hard. I'm just waiting.

    • Ouch..

    • You sound like such a sweetheart! Seeing her beauty before anyone else even knew she existed! That's adorable, you'll find a really great girl someday (and by the way there are girls that LOVE chubby guys and are also insanely attractive)

    • Aw thank you! I am very happy now. I have dated around and got attached to yet another young (22) year old party girl, but I'll get over it! Not nearly as bad as the first.

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