If a husband feels insecure of his wife's past who had many well endowed sex partners before him whereas he is virgin n an arranged marrage?

He even practically have to encounter them (wife's exes) in daily life n they gives a mocking smile to him n stay honoured with their wives as they does'nt have to feel insecure of him as he was not their's wife's ex. So how can he get through all this n the thoughts that she (wife) might have settled with him for provider lifestyle as her exes were better from many angles compared to him exept financially. He did'nt know her exes live in the same city before marriage.


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  • It's just an unfortunate part of life that we risk having to deal with.
    The reality is, women can pretty much get sex with whoever they want.
    What women want changes with age. So obviously if she's married to a new guy, she's got bored of the 'big cock phase' and is now in the 'marriage phase'

    I think of it in the same as way as Fads when you're a kid. One week you're into YoYo's the next week you're into Power Rangers, the next week you're into Pokemon.

    Same with women
    'The Pretty Boy Justin Bieber Phase'
    'The Single Ladies Phase'
    'The Big Cock, Sleeping Around Phase'.

    • Well Husband is just a settlement? So does that means she is bored after enjoying n giving sex to others n now decided to settled?

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    • So some days later she may again get bored of the same partner n search for new husband?

    • It's possible, but when women settle it's because they've reached an age when they don't get as much attention as they used to.

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