If you're getting back together with someone, when would be the right time to have sex? ?

I am 21 he is 25. We have been together a total of 2 years, but we've taken a few breaks. The first break I felt he was done but we got back together. The second one, I felt like I was done but his absence made me miss having him around. I sill love him I'm just a little weary about jumping back into things too quickly.

The 1st time we got back together, we slept together right away and it was because I wanted to but I later felt some remorse because I felt like I just gave in so easily and constantly wondered what doing so made him pin me as.

The 2nd time around feels a little different and I feel like he is crossing boundaries too quickly like by telling me he loves me all the time. I feel like he genuinely does love me but I just don't feel right saying it back right now. It's not like he went away on a trip and came back to everything being the way they used to be or that we are picking up where we left off. He also mentioned he wants to go however slow I want and that what he says like loving me is because he really means it and wants me to know.

So we went out one night and had a fun date. The next night he came over and we got a little intimate. I also let him stay the night but only because he lives 3 hours away. We didn't do anything sexual that night but he did massage my body and I felt all on his area... other than that we made out all night and we were sort of dry jumping.. anyway... we have extreme sexual chemistry. The sex has always been amazing and sex had been one of the main things I have bought about while we were split up. The problem is, I feel like if this is going to work maybe we should wait, but I also believe that if it feels right to just go for it? We have seen each other 2 times so far and spent the majority of each day together. So we have been on one real going out of the house date and he came over once. I don't know if I should wait ok we have gone on more nicer dates or what. What would be your advice on how to approach the situation?


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  • Whenever the time feels right, reconciliations often need time to heal previous hurt and to be fun again.


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  • Whenever you feel ready


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