I just told him that we needed to take a break did I do the right thing?

So it all started when he lost his job I had paid for his truck to get untowed it seems like after the unemployment the only time he called me or wanted to see me was for sex, now after that I'm not getting no call or text from him it's me now that's doing all the work and whenever he does pick up he blames me for everything he even says that I've distanced myself from him he was the one that distanced himself from me I'm crying in this relationship more than I'm smiling. Did I do the right thing by telling over the phone that i needed space. Today I called him like 13 times and he didn't pick up until the 13th time I've HAD IT WITH HIM!!!


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  • Clearly he's not making any effort with you. But there may be more to this then your seeing some men are really effected mentally by losing their jobs etc. They feel it's their role to provide for to look after and protect their partners and families and being unable to do just one of them can have a big effect on their mental Well being which may be the reason he's distance himself. If it is I'd decide whether or not your prepared to support him (mentally not finacially) through this. He probably won't admit fully how he feels but if he's actively looking for work and knows your supporting him you guys may get through it.
    If it's not a case of how unemployment has effected him then you are right to walk away he's clearly not invested in the relationship. The only way you can truly know though is by talking to him.


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  • Why did you say that you "needed space" instead of being honest and saying "this shit is over and I'm outta here!"?

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    • A man like him does not deserve anything.

    • It takes more than feelings to make a relationship work. It takes love and passion, trust and respect. If any of those are missing, it's over. It's time to move on, and you know that.

  • Tell him to fuck off. He ain't got job for a reason, why would you pay for his truck? That ungrateful bastard. Leave him, find a good man, educated person.

  • You're really put out eh? Just move on. You'll never be happy with him anyway.

    Women bail on guys when they can't provide, when their burden of performance isn't met. Whether they get fired, injured, have problems, whatever it is, a woman will bail on him. After all, she DESERVES to be HAAAAPPPPYYY. :)

    • Erm excuse me women don't always bail on men provide! Maybe its happened to you or people you know but that does not give you a right to classify all women as same! I got with my ex knowing he was out of work and looking for jobs. I Was supportive and didn't expect anything. He got a job and that didn't change. He later wanted to go back into education part time and retrain. I supported that desicion even when it meant him leaving his job. He decided a part time job would be to much for him with all paperwork from college so I supported him finacially paid for everything for his football and for him to go out socialising while I missed out on a lot! I didn't pressure him and what happened one month before he was due to qualify he cheated and left me for another women knowing full well he'd easily get a job after qualifying and his nan would bail him out for that last month. I didn't bail I stood by him cos I loved him and it bit me in the ass So please don't judge

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    • @Versiah - Sure. Your view is naive, and that's expected. Also very predictable.
      And you have a thing with these shaming tactics - where'd you learn that? You're gonna find it won't work with your men, just a total fail. Laughable really.

      The bottom line is that if you 'need to take a break' from your relationship it's a fail. And you're going to keep right on failing, guy after guy after guy. You simply are just too sure about it all when you are so green and new that you are simply clueless. But you just keep on - maybe one day you'll figure it out the hard way. It's rather obvious you're not getting anything out of this place.
      B-bye. Enjoy your time here!

    • Exactly how is my view naive?
      . Not that Its any of your business but for the record my relationship is perfectly fine. Been together a long time, both of us play an equal role, both happy, both have the same morals and outlook and goals in life we're strong and stable so why would we need to take a break. Oh and I've never gone from guy to guy and not saying I'm perfect cos I've made mistakes in my time but I've learned from them and I know how to keep my man happy so definatly not clueless.
      Think you may have got me confused with someone else so I'll say it again get down off your high horse maybe next time check who tho your giving advice to before you give it cos that load of waffle clearly isn't for me!

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  • 13 times? Woman, get a hold of yourself. One missed call is fine. But if he hasn't picked up the phone after the 3rd 4th 5th, I don't think he ever will. So leave this guy alone. He will come to you when he wants not when you want. You asked for a break, did you not? So he's giving it to you. Now walk away and do not ever call him again.


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