Why am I still having a hard time?

It as been just over 7 months since my ex broke up with me. I am still not over it. On Sunday it would be one year since we went hiking to see the sunset. It was the first time I held her hand and she put her head on me. I was going to kiss her that day but I chickened out and I got sick. That was the day I knew I wanted to be with her. On the 13th it would of been our 1 year anniversary. We went to DQ and I kissed her in the parking lot. I do still like her and I think it was the right person but wrong time. She is still special to me..


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  • I'm so sorry and I can't say I know exactly what your going through but I can relate. Trust me you will get over here. She wasn't right for you bc things happened that made y two break up. But everything happens for a reason and I know u will find he right person soon. Just try to focus on other girls and talk to other girls and don't get too hung up on thinking abojt her. Be on the look out for the right person

    • I know but its hard. We were so happy together We almost never fought. She said she wasn't feeling it anymore. She also said that she needed to find herself and where she wanted to be, I think she was nervous about school. but i did mess up after the break up. We met at work and we still work together.

    • Ik it's hard but u will move on soon. It may not seem like it but try to surround yourself with friends and hey that's good u work together! U can still be friends so you arnt loosing her

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