Guys, why would a guy say he didn't want to break up with you while he was breaking up with you?

We had just become official after a few months of seeing each other/sex, early on he had wanted to be more than just sex then few weeks later that that he only wanted to see me and hoped I was on the same page. A few more weeks and he asked me to be official.

Within the week of being official) We got in one fight (not really even a problem with us) then we were okay and closer then 2 days later he was being a dick over text and i was being highly sensitive but we ended on a good note. I wake up to breakup text about how he is emotionally impulsive (like anger) and he didn't want to hurt me. and he later said he didn't want to break up with me, but he wasn't a good person atm and he cared for me too much to hurt me or disappoint me in the future as I would get fed up and leave and that he was tearing up, etc.. Then we chatted a little more and he came around saying he wanted to meet face to face to open up to me about his past and why he is how he is then we'd decide together if we were gonna stay together. We were gonna meet 2 days later then I messaged him and he just said he couldn't and that he was so sorry. Now I'm blocked on all platforms except Facebook (we are friends but I'm blocked from chatting him). Its been 2 weeks and I haven't heard a thing from him.

Was this all a lie? I don't understand the breakup, and how he did it. And i feel like he just said we'd meet up just to end the conversation. Any thoughts?
PS not sure if this matters but he even introduced me to his best friends as his girlfriend 2 or 3 days before the breakup.


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  • He was immature and he couldn't understand his own feelings, although he knew he was impulsive, but that doesn't help him in his roundabout ways.
    I think he is not ready for a relationship with you and that you should move on.
    Hope you'll be fine :)

    • Yeah, I'm just struggling to move on. I initially wanted something casual and he pushed us to each level - from more than late night sex, to exclusive to official. But my question is, is it safe to assume he didn't mean any of what he was saying considering he bailed and blocked me off completely when we just started dating, and I didn't do anything wrong.

    • I think he probably meant it, but he is pretty indecesive, he doesn't knows what he wants, and while he figures it, he hurts people.
      Yes, you didn't do wrong.

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