Guys, How to stop being angry when you feel betrayed?

We were on off for 8 months. He was the one always coming back after pulling away by ceasing communication. Before I left in summer he had come back the second time around to me asking to spend summer together (although he did not feel like being in a LDR from September on) but I said I was going to leave the following week, so he pulled away again ceasing communication. All along he said the reason for his pulling away is the distance, we both are moving around a lot since we are final year students. During my last trip I received a text from him saying he wanted another chance. He had thought about it and he was missing me, he wanted now LD. I was not supposed to go back home until September but I travelled back 2 days to meet him in July. This time he asked me to be in a relationship. As soon as I left he pulled away again. I found out through Instagram that he has another girl which I had felt when I went to see him. There were signs that I caught. I feel pretty much betrayed. I had asked him to not play with me and he had said he would not because he knew I do not deserve it. He looked at me straight in the eyes he made that promise to me. He should have stopped me from going. He met her shortly after asking me for another chance. He should have not asked me to be in a relationship when he saw me. He should have told me about her and not let me know about her on Instagram. I am both sad and angry at his lack of honesty. It has been 2 months and I still am angry over it. I don't want to feel anything neither anger nor sadness.


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