Will he change his mind?

A week ago, I was on holiday with my boyfriend. We had a silly argument and he walked out, flew home, packed his essentials and moved out. After a week of no contact, he called me asking what my plans are and wanted to talk about separating our things. He said that because I hadn't contacted him, he thought I was on the same page as him with wanting to move on.

I think I caught him off guard when I told him that I didn't want to break up over this silly fight and said that we're stronger than this and can get through this. I didn't beg but was very positive about our future and relationship moving forward. He was pretty reluctant in thinking that it would work. He agreed to meet with me to talk in person but said he would let me know when he could meet me. I haven't heard from him yet.

I know that he loves me but he's obviously thinking that it's not going to work.

Have you had any success in getting your relationship back on track when your partner has reservations?


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  • Well in my experience (with my ex gfs) she would stay for a little longer but she'd eventually leave.. soo I'd say u can try to keep him around but nothing is guaranteed if someone "wants" to leave he/she will leave


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