Should I fight for her?

I've had this relationship which evolved from a real friendship. 5 years friends then 5 years as a couple, relations were great, there was love, we cared for each other planned future. Only issue was very little chemistry from beggining, which was odd. We went through a lot of difficulties always supporting each other. We planned to go abroad together, eventually only I did she was afraid and stayed, long distance didn't work, she wanted out. We broke up... Tried radio silence but every month she texts me. Year later we're still a mess. I can't find anyone maybe I have too little friends being away. She had some relations, but none went serious. Lately we spoke again... She want to try again... I really want that too but it won't be the same, I don't want to be a loser with no options. I can't forgive her for giving up on us. I'm stuck. What to do? Should I fight for her


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  • That sounds hard, I feel for you.

    The one question, where would you stay? Would you move back? Would she follow you abroad? Or try a distance relationship again?

    The first option would be bad, it doesn't move you forwards. Dont cut your life and dreams, to fit into a womans needs.

    If its the second option, that might work out, I would suggest you give it a try.

    But dont even think about option 3. Most certainly will not work again und you both will get hurt again. Move on and make the best of the situation

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