Keep in contact with your ex?

If it was a bad argument with your boyfriend or girlfriend, would you keep in contact with them and why not?

Maybe this argument caused a break up. Why wouldn't you keep in contact with them if you guys left off bad terms?

Life is too short?

she dumped u? how long has it been


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  • I was great to all my exes (so I've been told) and always been cheated on, and told to be "just friends". I cut all contact and move on. Life is too short not to be having a good time with people that appreciate your worth, and if someone breaks up with me, there is no way I could be friends with her and watch her date other guys. Most of the time, "friendship" after a relationship is onesided. I just move on and save my self respect. I know I am worth more, and trying to be "friends" is a way for someone to ease off of you slowly. Now after a big arguement or a bad one, it takes two people to make up and move forward, but most of the time one of the two are stubborn. Good terms or bad terms, keeping in contact with an ex is not the way to go for most people because it gives false hope of someday getting back with the person. Even if I would see my exes, I would just walk by and not say a word, no eye contact, no smile, no frowning, nothing. They don't exist to me anymore because I wasn't "good" enough for them in a way.


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  • Nah, I'm all set with any kind of contact with my ex. Though I did hate her for a good portion of time post-break up, I am over it now and wish her the best in life. But I don't want to be friends with her or have any kind of communication. If we were walking down the street, I probably wouldn't even make eye-contact. This was a girl that I was convinced I'd marry someday too.

    • Damn, that seems cold...well what did she do?

    • She absolutely broke my heart and left me for dead. I was the greatest thing for her in the world until her social influences, interests and new friends took over. She's off to find some hot guy who will treat her like crap.

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  • Unfortunately, I don't think most young people think like that. They can't be friends with their ex because there are too many memories and there's probably some resentment and/or residue feelings beneath the surface. Plus, it's mucho awkward and tense if one of them quickly moves on to someone else.


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