What the hell is wrong with him?

this is long I'm sorry but please bear with me :(

this guy who I knew through my ex boyfriend, we got along and stuff or so it seemed so whatever you know and then he starts texting me and asking to hang out so I was like sure why not. I didn't have anything else to do. and he texted me every day until we hung out.

he was texting me on one of those first days and in the middle of it says "I'm at such and such a restaurant eating dinner with jennifer yummm" and then he texts me RIGHT after that and he's like "oops that was to my brother" and right after that again real quick he's like "Jennifer is my sister in law" and he acted all freaked out about it.

After hanging out a few times, sh** happened and you know I haven't been with many people and this like never happens, I never do that unless I'm dating someone. So I thought well most people do it all the time and I don't so I won't freak out over this one mistake. Well, after that all of a sudden he stops talking to me, and acts like he doesn't even know me, so I don't initiate contact or anything and just forget about him.

then he messages me on fb after a week or so and just says hi what's up and I just said nm blah blah blah and then I'm like can you swear never to tell anyone what happened? because he's friends with my ex and we know a lot of the same people and he's like "i swear I won't tell anyone, don't even worry about it I won't say anything"

and here's the thing he said the thing about Jennifer being his sister in law, I was thinking that's weird because I know his sister in law's name and it's not Jennifer. and very shortly after that he took all his siblings off his facebook info page thing. like that isn't suspicious... and when we first hung out he was talking about his recent breakup and he's like "I'm done with that crap for a long time I'm just going to be single for a while and have fun for a long time instead, screw relationships."

this stuff happened all in about a month, and then a few weeks after the stuff happens between us and I make that mistake, which I completely regret... He changes his facebook to in a relationship and oh surprise surprise guess who?! Jennifer. and then puts his siblings and sister in law back on his facebook.

does he really think I'm a f***ing dumb***? not to notice that? wow. So what's with this whole act and everything, even going so far as to lie his *** off to me over and over again, desperately.

He figured maybe he was going to be in a relationship with this girl soon or something? so he contacts me assuming I'll let him in my pants (for whatever reason because I'm def. not known as a slut, at all.) because he wants a quick screw before he asks her out?


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  • Does the word "jerk" work for you?

    • Hell yeah, that and a bunch of other words. I'd like to kick him in the nuts right now. Being a guy, I know everyone's different, but do you think he could keep his promise? He swears he won't tell anyone, I don't want him telling my ex boyfriend. At all. He swears he won't but I'm not sure- I know how some of my exes liked to share all those personal matters with the world. :/

    • Your concerns are justified. Here is his trust score=0.

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  • I am p*ssed off at him for you. What a jerk. Yeah, he used you, it's good you are angry about it though and not sad. Find someone way better and post it all over your Facebook. Good luck

    • Thank you very much!! I'm glad to hear I'm not overreacting about this. I haven't freaked out over it I'm just kind of silently angry! it's ridiculous. I wish I could just find someone now lol and show him I don't care and he didn't hurt me. The only thing that hurts is the regret- I haven't felt like this before I'm not sure how to cope with it! I don't want to feel like I'm easy or something because I'm not at all I just made a mistake, he was really good at manipulating :(

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    • I feel for you girl, I know exactly where you are coming from. You have to protect yourself from people like this even though they come across as shy/sensitive they are not. They are full of sh*t. Girls are fragile, we can't afford to have our hearts broken. Learn from this is all I can say

    • Thank you so much!!

      I'm trying not to let it affect me because I already had my heart broken so badly this year, we were really serious and it all ended out of nowhere :(

      and I definitely won't ever do this again that's for sure

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