My ex boyfriend does not want me to talk to people he knows?

I have not seen or talked to my Ex Boyfriend for about two months. A couple days ago I started talking to his room mate. Friend wise for advice and friendship. We hang out one day and my Ex Boyfriend gets Jealous and tells me not to talk to him because he is a bad person and just wanted to have sex with me. Then my Ex Boyfriend comes to see me later that night and tells me he misses me and still loves me. (we make out) But he has another girlfriend he's been dating (idk how long) I ask him do you want me back or something? He says.. Let the water clear up? What does he want?


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  • Wait wait wait, before we clear up your issue.. You're not dumb. You have absolute intentions of getting your ex worked up by hanging out with his roommate. Let's be serious here. That's like going to the mother of a person you just killed and asking for forgiveness. Not gonna happen. So don't be all like "oh, well I just wanted advice".. I'm sure you have other male friends. After my shallow ex girlfriend dumped me, I asked her nicely to please not sleep with any of my friends because they are all man whores. Why? Because it'd make me jealous for starters, and because I actually cared about her and don't want to see her reputation tarnished. Stop playing games with your ex. His new girlfriend is a rebound.

    • I think he really likes the girl he's with. I mean if he didn't he would come back to me right?

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  • Yeah, do NOT hang out with your exes roommate unless you are looking for drama! Your ex wants to have you on the side while he dates all the other girls he wants. Not cool.

    Get out of his life and move on with yours.

    • Yea. He gets so jelous when I hang out with any guy thoe too. Today he called me and asked who I was with and when I said my friend (who was a guy) and two other girls.. he got mad.,

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