I don't really know what to do and it's not really fair?

My ex keeps giving really mixed signals but when confronted about it she goes "I just want to be friends" and "doesn't know" if she still has feelings.
I still have feelings for her and of course I want her in my life as friends but I don't know how to do that when I feel how I do about her. Especially not when she keeps being really confusing.
I don't want to keep setting myself up for failure. I'm really not sure what to do.


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  • What are the mixed signals she gives off that confuses you?

    • She's recently made a lot of jokes about her and I that she'd make when we were together and making a lot of suggestions that her and I do things together again and just being really really sweet and acting like she did when we were together.

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    • exactly, coz she jumped into a new one right away. meaning rebound. rebounds are not necessarily a bad thing. it just that she thought she'd get better or get over her ex if she got into a relationship with you. but clearly not.

    • It deff wasn't right away.
      A lot of things that were said wouldn't have been said if it was just a rebound. I stand by that.

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  • do you really love her and want her back in your heart


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