can't forget my ex from 3 years ago?

I've been in a happy relationship for bout a year with a guy that I really like, but I cannot forget my ex from 3 years ago that I was madly in love with, and it makes me so stressed that I still miss him like the day we broke up... Is that bad or good? Also I still have a tatoo with his name initial


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  • Girls do have this particular problem always! Most don't admit it, it's normal. U may need some more time, or this present guy may not be taking good care of u! U shld talk this with him...
    If he understands u he will try all ways to blush u & forget ur past.
    My opinion


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  • Of course it's bad. Do you really think your ex thinks about you? Three years is way, way too long to be pining over someone. If you're not over someone after three months, then you're doing things to keep yourself in misery. It's fine if you want to do that, but I feel sorry for your current boyfriend.

    • I'm not doing it because I want to. Every human being has one love that was the biggest of them all and it makes us never forget.

    • You're making it sound like this is normal. No, not everyone pines for an ex after three years. In fact, in the grand scheme of things, almost no one does.

    • I dont miss him in a way that you think. It allows me to be happy and love other guy, but it makes me still kind of miss him deep inside.

  • You don't need to forget him, just reduce his importance in your feelings.

  • I respect the fact that you are admitting it so lemme also tell you something that you probably already know but are choosing to ignore. You need to get over him, and it's not about the guy you're dating now but the fact that u can't love this way forever. Life is not about chasing uncertainties when u have a certain situation in front of you. And till u r not over him u will never be able to distinguish between the two. Do it for yourself. You deserve to be with someone who values you while he has you n treats u like u r the only one he ever wanted. You belong with that man. And no man will involve himself with u unless he feels that u r there for him to have& trust me, guys too have a nose for this when it comes to girls they're dating... They can tell if they r the ones she thinks about when she is asleep or not. Move on, for yourself.


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  • 3 years? How did it end? Did you reach out or did he? What happened? It is bad coz u with a guy who loves you. But as you said you really like him not love. You love the one who is gone. :/

    • When I said really like I meant by looks he is 100% my type and was when we started dating and I'm in love with him, but deep inside I still kind of miss my ex, but it allows me to be happy and love other guys, but that feeling is still there. :)

    • He must have been really special huh? :/

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