My ex drunk dialed me?

Im confused, after 2 months of breaking up, my ex texted me at midnight, one week after, he called me 4 times, the fourth call I responded, he told me that he misses me, that same night he texted me and I responded, the next morning, no response. 4 days later he texted me at midnight again asking me when will I return from my trip (I was traveling) I asked him: why? (Like why he wants to know), morning after no response...

He is immature, Can you telling me what is wrong with this guy? I miss him and Im still in love with him but this behavior gets me annoyed and confused.


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  • Pathetic pitiful male behaviour. Block him right away. Don't respond. That hurts the most.


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  • He's messing with you. He will call or text you when he's drunk but won't speak to you during the day when he's sober shows he doesn't really care.
    I've been through this before and I know it hurts because he's playing with your emotions. Best thing to do is cut him out, block him clean break. Will be hard but a lot less painful on the long run.


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  • Drunkenness usually brings the inner thoughts and emotions out of people. He obviously still has feelings for you, otherwise he wouldn't have bothered.

    • It doesn't matter if he has or not. Life is not all feelings. And doesn't matter who's fault it is. When something comes to and end, that's never a good sign. Me and my wife never argue. We had one small argument and it was because she was afraid to go to bed alone while I was out. That's it. Break ups are a bad thing!

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    • @Bulgarian I didn't say it was an excuse lol

    • We're cool.

  • Next time tell him to contact you in the morning because he's messing with your night schedule.


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