Are me and my ex on the right track to reconciliation?

Hello, me and my ex have been talking for a couple months and been hanging out quite a bit. She is very active in running her kids to extra activities being a full time student and working full time. I am very thankful for every moment we actually get to spend together. I broke up with her in march and since about may we have talked to each other everyday and it's almost like we're a couple again. We cuddle go out with each other text and talk on the phone and do coupley things but we haven't had sex. We do flirt with each other but I would rather save the sex for if we do get back together. I have to talk to her and tell her how I feel and how sorry I am for everything that I did on my part to tear us apart and for leaving. I have slipped up and told her I love her. She's never told me to back off and as busy as she is she still finds time to spend with me. Our schedules our very conflicting as I work out of town all week but whenever I have free time she's always wanting to hang out or see me or at least call me and talk to me for an hour or so. I was wondering if anyone had any opinions of if we were on the right track to being together again. I know I messed up by leaving and I do know I love her and want to spend and share my life with her and her kids


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  • It looks like you are on the right track

  • Seems like it


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