Regret... Maybe I'm just badlucked?

After wasting 6years in total with my 2 ex boyfriend (3 years each) I've decided that some time off would be good for a 21year old to figure out herself but before I could commit to that new thought I ended up in a hot mess. During the "time off for myself period" I met a guy who eventually became my best friend who happens to have a girlfriend. Yes, you've guess right. We both start liking each other and things did start getting intimate but as a caring woman I decided to stop it all before it got any further and destroy his relationship. I refuse to hurt another female with my actions so I walk away from him. Now I feel like I've lost my best friend and I'm back to square one (lonely and depress ). Any advice?


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  • Stay in touch, its obviously got to end with her. I appreciate you dont want to be encouraging him to leave her but when he leaves her naturally do you want to be distant? Don't mess yourself up, she's only human and your clearly being very polite.. but your only human too!

    • Thank you so much for responding Matt-G.
      There is no way he will leave her nor would I want him to leave her because she is pregnant with his first child.

  • new fresh start again like this turtle until you make it right 😄

  • i know it's not easy but you have to forget him, he's has a family now and you still have your life, you are 21 and being lonely is not bad, but try to keep yourself busy (to avoid depression), hope you feel well soon.

    • Thank you so much for your response Rory. I feel much better now and I am busy with course work at University so I am occupied most of the time 😊.

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