I guy I was really into stopped contacting me and I feel like its my fault. How can I fix things?

I started dating this guy my sister and boyfriend hooked me up with a few months ago. This guy is a longtime friend of theirs so I trusted that they were setting me up with a good guy. My sister explained that he was going through a divorce... but at the time I didn't think much of it because I was divorced 4 months prior... so i figured we just had something in common. To make a long story short we went out on a couple of dates things went really well. He assured me that he wanted to take things slow and start out as friends... but about a month later I had sex with him. He still seemed very interested in me as he would call and text often. But then over the next two months I had sex with him two more times and during these times he would have me plan dates and he would never follow through with. I called him out on it and he aplologized and promised that when his divorce is final that he would be the man I needed him to be... recently I started having some major personal problems mainly financial and I started venting to him about often. He seemed compassionate and listened.. then one day out of frustration i told him that maybe he should find someone who has their life together because clearly i dont.. i was embarrassed because he seemed to have his life in order and i didn't which made me feel i wasn't good enough for him. I immediately apologized and told him i love him and i want things to work out and he seemed to agree. Its now been almost 5 days since we last spoke.. i told him to call me after work but he never did. I texted him twice and called once... he never responded. Should I assume that he is with someone else and move on or give him the benefit of the doubt and allow him more time to reach out to me?


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  • "I started dating this guy my sister and boyfriend hooked me up with a few months ago."

    And like that you've lost me.

    • Lol! I know it's a long story and very hard to describe but I basically told him out of frustration with how things are going in my life right now that he should maybe find a woman who has her life in order because mine isn't... just didn't want my problems spilling over in his life

    • Oh and afterr that he stopped contacting me and now i feel awful because i really want to be with him

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  • I doubt he's with anyone else, he's probably trying to process the information. If you like him give it a little more time but let him come to you


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