Should I let the partner of the girl he cheated with know?

Should i tell him that his girlfriend and my boyfriend had an affair or should i just move on and let karma take care of it. It doesn't seem fair , but then again is it my business?


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  • I support ratting out cheaters. Do it.


What Girls Said 1

  • I'd probably speak up. I'd want someone to tell me if my guy was cheating on me.
    It's kind of a tough situation though. No matter what you'll probably look like a hateful bitch. But again I'd say something. Know she will probably turn it around and tell her boyfriend you're just jealous your boyfriend had the hots for her and that's why you broke up or some shit like that. So there will be backlash. It all depends on what you can handle

    • Thats probably what she'll do.

    • It's what most cheaters would do. Throw the other person under the bus and make it look like they're liars and just jealous.
      So again, you need to decide if that's something you can take. If not then don't say anything. You need to worry about you first.
      If you can take it, tell the guy. He should know what trash he's involved with. He may or may not believe you, either way that's on him though. You will have done your part and can walk away guilt free.

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