Break up when the right time to start dating?

Long of the short being with someone for seven years have a 3 year old and a house was meant to be getting married 2 and a bit months ago but a week and a half before were meant to be getting married she turned round and said she doesn't want it anymore not just a wedding everything. It's now been nine and a half weeks since this has all happened and in the process of putting the house on the market to sell. She denies that she seeing anyone and is not interested but I think otherwise. We still live under the same roof but I stay home more than she does I'd say three times a week she's not home. Question being is it right to start dating when there is so much going on at home.


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  • There is no right and wrong time, it's whoever someone feels like they're up to it. As she ended things I'm guessing she had time to wrap up her feelings quicker than you

    • I can see what u mean, all of this is wrong- strongly swayed one way, I can't afford to keep the mortgage own hense I'm being forst to sell as she want out but in the same breath everything is amicable which makes it easier but harder at the same time

    • Unfortunately that's the risk we take when we cohabitate with another sharing finances, but as long as the split of assets is fair when the house is sold it's just part of it.
      It's crappy, and hard losing everything familiar at once so I hope you're able to take the time and do things you enjoy

    • Thank you :) great believer in everything happens for a reason. Just don't Stop The Hurt only time will heal. Just a shame as we had everything. Thank you for replying

  • when you feel completely over


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