What should I do with her?

I've been in a relationship for 6 years and i really loved her and i think i'm still in love with her. She has so many problems and she chosed to let me go and i tried to get her back but she told me that she won't be able to give me any kind of love because she's not okay right now and that i shouldn't wait for her to be okay because she doesn't know when that will happen.. i told her that i don't want to rush her and i don't want any kind of love i just wanna be there for her and help her till she's okay again.. but i'm afraid by that i'll help her get over me and she might feel that she's not scared of losing me as i'm there helping her and she might not come back to me again! Do i think what i'm doing is wrong and i should've stayed away so she feels that she miss me? Or what am doing is the right thing to do because she needs my support and caring?


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  • Well you didn't state her reason for letting you go besides not being able to give you any kind of love and that she's not ok. Whats wrong with her?

    If someone doesn't want you or doesn't want to be with you then you have to accept that. However its important to know what her reason is here.


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