Sending ex a letter - asking for closure?

I want to talk to my ex for closure. Enough time has passed so the negative emotion has passed and I can think clearly again. He talked to me on Friday but it came to a misunderstanding and I got mad and overreacted, I just want to work things out in person ;-;
How about this:
Hey you, I'm sorry about reacting the way I did when we last talked, I know it wasn't necessary and I appretiate your thought. I know that sometimes people just aren't good for each other and love alone isn't enough. But I'm thankful that I met you because you gave me the courage for a lot of things like going to New York to chase a crazy dream or finally breaking free from my parents.
I'd like to catch up sometime, especially because I don't feel good about the way things ended and eventually it would help us both to find our peace.
Hope you are well.


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  • Not recommended

    • What would you suggest?

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    • I feel like I should atleat apologize. Would it be okay to send a short text or letter and then let it go?

    • No you don't owe him anything. Just leave

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  • Sounds like a nice thought, but how do you think he will feel? And what are your intentions? Quite obviously you still want something other than friendship with him, but I don't feel he wants that... have you asked?

    • I do want him in my life and I really feel bad about the way things ended. I just don't want there to be this negativity between us anymore and hope that maybe we can be friends. I really mean it. I know that we aren't meant to be together unfortunately and I have come to terms with that.

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    • You don't always need to see the gestures of a person. I believe this misunderstanding could have happened regardless.

    • It might. Maybe I should just text him a quick apology and let things rest... as much as I like him.

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