Boyfriend broken up with me over uni- what do I do?

My boyfriend broke up with me last week and he said several different reasons, one is that i'll be away at uni, another that he's not mentally stable enough to have a relationship and that he thinks Ill be happier without him. He broke down to me aswell saying he's in a bad place, crying a lot. I don't know what to do, my unis only an hour on the train and I'm going back home every weekend or so to visi and he can stay up with me. I'm really confused and it ended with him going home not being able to talk any more and he said he wants us to stay friends because he loves me and wants to see me before uni. The only time I can see him is tomorrow and I've told him that as he's on holiday next week and I go then and he's saying he wants to see me before I go but that's too soon and we'll both just be getting upset again so there's no point. I love him so much and want to be with him so badly I don't know what to do. He's very insecure and scared to get hurt but I've been the most faithful loving girlfriend so I don't get it, he just has trust issues in general. What do I say or do to convince him to see me tomorrow and even to stay with me? I want to help him with his problems and don't want to leave him when he's in such a bad state, please help!!


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  • It seems to me that he's realized that there is a lot to him that he needs to work on before he can date and I think that is a very mature thing to do. Rather than have you undergo all the hardships while he is trying to fix himself, he'd rather you not have to deal with it. I believe that there isn't much that you can do, it's ultimately his choice and only he can really help himself. I do believe that once he's changed for the better he will come back to you but by that time it might have been a while and you could have moved on by then.

    • yeah I've said to him that I want to speak about it all and I'm confused and he said he wants to see me but it's too soon at the moment and I said well what should I do should I be there for him or move and he's told me to just move on. I don't know how to help or if I can do anything for him but he won't tell me how he feels or explain himself and i'm not sure why so i've just said good luck with everything if this is the end, but he continues to tell friends that he needs to have a think about it all but won;t tell me, im not sure what to do or to just move on

  • Move on, it's not the end of world. New world is waiting for you.

  • Try to talk and try to understand each other.


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