What are the most valuable lessons you've learnt through your past break ups?


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  • Don't stay in a bad relationship just because you don't want to start from scratch with someone else

    • Yeah I can agree with that too unless you can care enough to improve it :)

    • I tried to work on it but she kept refusing to take responsibility for her actions and playing the victim in arguments that she started. So I decided not to put up with it anymore and it's going straight to my top ten best decisions

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  • Don't waste your time and put so much into a girl that's just using you. I used to be a sucker for girls and would put so much money and time into these uptight bitches. But then I found a girl I really loved and now I'm happy, and she's happy.

    • Aw, that's great! And great advice, that seems to be an issues a lot of men deal with

    • Yeah, it is. But like I said, I'm happy now and I know better than to do that (not that I plan on ever needing to find someone new)

  • It's not worth the hassle.


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