Is my ex playing mind games?

The day before my bday my ex claimed she FaceTimed me by mistake while she was driving with the phone on her lap. On my birthday I texted and asked her if she meant to FaceTime me she said no or course. She told me happy birthday and after she blocked me. She later on called me to have her son tell me happy birthday and we talked for about 5 minutes. The next day she called me but I couldn't pickup because I was in class. She then blocked me again when I called the next day. I got in contact with her now she's completely cold like is she playing mind games or playing a false hope game?


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  • She is giving me a headache with her games lol. yes she is. don't play with her games.

    • Lol so you been reading. I know by reading my post you can tell that I still love her. But yeah she's crazy.

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    • Yeah i do but what I should've said was that I'm doing better without her like I'm no longer pestering her. As a result she's now playing mind games.

    • coz she sees you moving on.

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