If someone you were dating became injured and had a temporary mental illness because of it, would you forgive them and work on the relationship?

I was recently diagnosed with a tbi, I knew I hit my head in my accident. I started dating a great woman and around the end of July I started having symptoms of my tbi. I found out I have a lesion on my left frontal lobe. I became very anxious and was having problems with it. My girlfriend at the time was very supportive of me. I started acting impulsively due to anxiety and it caused me to do some pretty horrible things, I just want to fix this and start over with this woman. So my question is how should I handle it, she is obviously scared because of my actions, I have gotten things under control so far. I really do love her with my whole heart and want her by my side through my recovery. I have not talked to her since March. Any help would be appreciated.
I went and seen her, she said we need to move on from this, also said in the course of the conversation that besides she doesn't live in the area anymore. She just seems to be interested but not. I stated that how I acted wasn't me and I'm over the past relationship. She is seeing someone new, however I would like to convince her to give me one more chance with her. I'm committed to the changes I made.


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  • Own up to what you did and don't make excuses. Tell her you want to try to be the guy you want to be for her instead of who you were.

    Then show her you're committed with actions and words.


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