Does he really mean that he doesn't love me anymore?

Me and my ex lover have known each other for 3 years now. 3 years ago I got scared and didn't let him come see me, I didn't get off the phone when he was calling, and I talked to other people (even though we weren't actually together), because of all this he'll never come and see me. 3 years he constantly has been popping in and out of my life giving me some hope that we'll be together only to find out after we get into a fight that it will never happen.

Each time he comes into my life he has to be in control and everything has to be his way or no way and if it's not his way he's out. Here's where it started and ended 2 weeks ago he tells me that he's having sex with someone and it might be a regular thing, well he knows where my feelings stand and how I don't like him telling me that stuff when he knows how I feel about him. So of course I get upset and he gets upset back. All me and him ever do is have phone sex and he gets to screw all these other girls and he knows how bad I want him. I've been trying hard for 3 years to win him back and what I do isn't enough he still chooses them over me.

A few days ago he sends me a text talking about my come back and being able to potentially win him back, but then as of yesterday he's no longer in love with me. Yes, I tend to act crazy and blow his phone up, but that's not a reason to stop loving me. He knows what sets me off and he enjoys getting a reaction out of me and when I react the way he wants me to he turns it on me and calls me insane. He use to blow my phone up in the past and that was ok, but when I do it it's bad.

He told me he no longer loves me and wants me in his life anymore because of how I've been acting. He's treated me way worse yet I still stupidly love him. He blames me for everything and makes me seem like the bad person all the time. I hate how I let him back in time and time again and he ends up doing this every time. He says I knew we weren't going to be together, but I honestly didn't.
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We are still texting even though he wants me to leave him alone, and for some reason I can't. I don't want to let him go. It's been a roller coaster these last few years I love him I really do and it hurts when he tells me I'm incapable of love or heartless.
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I keep trying to get him to see that I'm not crazy, but he just won't see it. I've given him proof, but he just turns around and says, "I feel sad for you." He knows what he has said, yet denies it every time to make me feel crazy. If he didn't want me in his life or love me anymore the would break ties and block me from everything, but he hasn't. He tells me he doesn't want to talk to me, but yet he still replies. I'm so confused... he's constantly Inconsistent.
Does he really mean that he doesn't love me anymore?
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