My girlfriend broke up with me. What do I do at this point?

Basically what happened was that my girlfriend broke up with me 3 weeks ago. The reason why we broke up was because she wanted to focus on herself and her studies. It didn't take me long after the break up to realize that our relationship was only one sided because If she really did care about our relationship, she would make time for me and even fought for our relationship. We were bestfriends before we even started dating. I also realized that she used me to fill in a hole in her heart just because she was lonely. I'm not saying that what I'm saying is true, it's how I perceive it because she let her actions speak louder than her words. I would want closure right now but it feels so pointless because she NEVER even cared about this relationship. Right now, I'm trying to move and she already moved on. I blocked her on IG and unfriended her on other social media but my friends told me it was kind of immature to do so I unblocked her on IG but it was too late, she blocked me too. I'm hearing from friends that she's already talking to another guy and they showed me tweet she posted talking about the guy she's talking to right now. it hurts me a lot cause she's lying to me about being independent in the time being. In fact, everything she told me about being there for each other, loyalty, honesty, trust, was a lie and all fell apart. We heard each other's struggles, and it's just ironic how she played me herself. At this point, I'm still hurt right now but I'm doing a little better. I know what she did was fucked up but I would still forgive her because she isn't a perfect person and I hope she realizes her mistakes and comes to regret. I would still be her friend but it's just the trust that is lost and right now, we're still not talking to each other and sometimes I just get worried. I moved on the relationship, but I really miss the friendship we once had, I miss my bestfriend.


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  • Once you started relationship kind of.. it is not a friendship anymore. So it is not possible to reverse. You better leave her and move on.

    • That is not true at all, my ex and I are absolutely wonderful friends

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    • That means when you were dating you still were friends who were daiting. But not lovers.

    • That doesn't really make much sense

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  • Well, the best way to get your friend ship back is to just confront her and talk to her, tell when how you feel, then tell her you've moved on about it and the past is in the past, and try and ask her if you two can be friends again, and don't let the fact that you were dating get on the way of your friendship and definitely don't let it be awkward between you two or let anyone try and keep you two from being friends again, how you do any of this is up to you though , it's your friendship, you decide what to do

  • Move on bcause they dont deserve u
    When the time will come someone will come to u😑


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