She broke up with me but is reluctant to move out yet. Is she giving me hope or pity?

Together five years. Living together for three. She told me She needed to work on her problems on her own and find an identity outside of me. The new "it's not you it's me" these days I guess.

The next day she tells me this doesn't feel right and isn't sure if it was the right decision. We had a rational talk about what was wrong and where we wanted to go but didn't come to a conclusion. I just told her to think about it.

We have been sleeping in separate beds for a week now. Being ok roommates doing our own things. It's ok but we haven't really been talking things out. Just living.

She he has plenty of money so her not leaving isn't due to that. Is there really a chance she will change her mind? Is she afraid that moving out makes it final? Is she just afraid of hurting me? Or afraid of losing me as a friend? Probably all of the above?

i don't want to give myself false hope.


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  • What are reasons, what is she dealing with that she needs to do this?
    It could be a lot of things

    • She says she spends all her time with me. Only socializes with my friends. Thinks people see her as my girlfriend.

      Being unable to make friends is a big issue with her and hurts her self esteem. I guess she thinks splitting with me will help her define herself but in doing that she loses her only friend.

    • Ok, I can understand that.
      I dont like to jump to conclusions so I'll take her word for it. However this move could also mean other things, just to keep that in mind.

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